Mark Edgar Thomas Robinson. UK Contemporary Artist
Mark Edgar Thomas Robinson. UK Contemporary Artist

Wild Dandies 2023


the last samon painting by mark robinson

The Last Salmon


Mark Edgar Thomas Robinson

Acrylic on canvas

110  cm x 80 cm

Wild Dandies 2023 

Art Collection


Oil Drilling & Precious Metal Exploration are  happening at a growing rate and have disasterous effects on Wild Life. The very real consequences of such activities unchecked, will bring about the ' Last ' of species. After all it's already happened as the result of human activities to a sub species of Rhino and many others!

This Bear has dressed up to present us with the facts. Polluted oily waters leak from a painting causing an oil slick on the floor. The painting of the Last Salmon leaping, trying  to avoid it's fate reminds us that there is a point of no return

Working photo.

Mark Edgar Thomas Robinson. UK Contemporary Artist
the fish supper. mark Robinson;s take on the Last Supper painting in acrylics. Wild Dandies Collection

working shot of 

' The Fish Supper '

The Fish Supper

Acrylic on Birch Panel

60 cm X 84 cm

Wild Dandies 2023

Just sorting out the garbage under the table. Stacked up from years of partying. the sins of the World. Needles, bottles, used condoms, the always visible cat, perhaps a dead human or two, really up to where my heart and head take me. A few weeks to go on this one.


Frankie and Little Mo

working photo

Water based Oils on canvas

80 cm X 60 cm

Wid Dandies Art Collection


Frankie and Little Mo  Water based Oils on canvas  80 cm X 60 cm

Frankie & Little Mo

I am still developing the collection which was held up in September when I discovered I had Parkinson's. It doesnt affect my right hand side at the moment so painting is still ok. These guys can get you anything at a price. Frankie and Little Mo own the streets in this town, big fans of Rene Magrite. Their alternative World has major problems with pollution. The sky has a yellow glow due to a weak protostar and factory smoke. Dont be found on the streets after dark, these guys take no prisoners.

SAVE US  Oil on canvas  120 cm X 80 cm


This 'in progress' painting is an alternative comment on Mothers protecting their children. Gaza, Israel, Ukraine, in war zones and dreadful family situations. I find myself in tears watching the plight of families suffering for other people's gain. Likewise the suffering of innocent creatures at the hands of individuals for profit makes me so angry. This is the only way  I can show my feelings.People spending millions on banannas hanging on a wall. Selfish and actually self defeating, nuts. Spend it on conservation or on other people! Save the lioness and cub. 


Oil on canvas

120 cm X 80 cm

Wid Dandies Art Collection