Mark Edgar Thomas Robinson. UK Contemporary Artist
Mark Edgar Thomas Robinson. UK Contemporary Artist

Statement for "Wild Dandies" Collection:

"Wild Dandies" is an exhilarating journey into a realm where the untamed spirit of nature converges with the the chaos of human expression. Mark Edgar Thomas Robinson's latest collection of 20 mesmerizing paintings beckons us to embrace the extraordinary within the ordinary, capturing the essence of both the wilderness and the refined.

With each brushstroke, Robinson masterfully blurs the lines between the worlds of nature and destruction, seamlessly integrating them with the elegance of surreal dandyism. " I made the conscious decision to say something about our hand in the destruction of beautiful creatures and our planet " The collection serves as a reminder that even in the most cultivated environments continue to suffer. Primarily resulting from human endeavors and the ' fast fashion ' throwaway culture. Through intricate details and vibrant hues, "Wild Dandies" takes us on a visual voyage, where the boundaries between man and nature dissolve, revealing a tapestry of captivating juxtapositions.

From the enchanting gaze of an urban Hippo on a ballet dancing flamingo,set in an ocean of garbage, to the resplendent fashion sense of two city crocodile gangsters, the collection's subjects exude an unapologetic defiance of societal norms. Each painting invites us to shed the confines of convention and embrace the our own inner wildness. "Wild Dandies" is a celebration of the unbridled spirit of the animal kingdom playing out in some ' Other dimension ', a reminder that even amidst the polished veneer of human civilization, somewhere in another universe the untamed heart beats fiercely and the shoe is firmly on the other foot.

With a keen eye for detail and a deep reverence for both the wilderness and human creativity, Robinson's collection bridges the gap between urban life and the natural world, prompting reflection on the symbiotic relationship we share with our surroundings. "Wild Dandies" is an invitation to explore the dichotomy of modernity and primal instincts, encouraging us to find beauty, shame and a realisation that we are not the owners of this world.

As you embark on this visual odyssey, may you be captivated by the artistry that breathes life into every canvas, and may "Wild Dandies" kindle a renewed appreciation for the extraordinary tales that unfold when creatures live our life. Would they make the same mistakes?

Parties interested in showing the collection are welcome to contact the Artist