Mark Edgar Thomas Robinson. UK Contemporary Artist
Mark Edgar Thomas Robinson. UK Contemporary Artist

Artist Statement


Mark Edgar Thomas Robinson

is a contemporary British artist renowned for his captivating and thought-provoking creations that seamlessly blend the realms of figurative art, surrealism, dreamscapes, and eco-portraits. With a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of the human experience, Robinson's work transcends conventional artistic boundaries, inviting viewers into a world of imagination, introspection, and environmental consciousness. His Artist Statement reflects my observations.

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Jan Sales 


80 cm X 120 cm

Acrylic On Canvas

Artist Collection

" The painting above was inspired by the lack of compassion shown to homeless people around Janurary Sales time. To the point that some need devine intervention. Or a comment on the validity of some beggars. The plain fact is that, nobody should in this day of billionaires, should be living on the streets "


The collection is on going. Covid put a halt to the original exhibition. We are looking for a backer, Gallery or venue for .

'Myths and Legends , the Golden Mango'

Robinson Studio

Sketch Idea

" In life, you must be willing to try and experience everything except killing, anything. No war.  Yes to sex and love. I have tried most..."     

Mark Edgar Thomas Robinson