Painting of the Month

Grand Union Canal Walk MK

Grand Union Canal Walk Milton Keynes

Acrylic study 2 hours

en plein air

June 2022

MDF Board

Ch, Ch, Ch, Churches

Man! Them churches are taxing..... I sat and painted this En Plein Air or 'Freezing my arse off' on a bright, still, brisk, January morning. 

It was one of the first in the collection of MK Postcode (selected) paintings. The idea being to get together 50ish and then publish a coffee table book. Parish Churches have a hard time raising cash to fund 'up keep' and 'projects'. I thought that an Exhibition of these and the book could help both parties. Instead of a book  signing day in BookStones it would be several days in different churches. Nice atmos. Anyway I will announce the dates when they look like happening.