Painting of the Month

Tiger Watercolour

Tiger Woods - Triple Image

Gotta keep up the collection

Noticed I was getting short of originals in my golf work.

So to celebrate Tiger's return to Tournament play I painted


      Many thanks to St Andrews Church for allowing me to  display my new collection on a freezing cold & snowy day in December. Dec 13th was cold outside but toasty warm inside. Largely due to the warmth of visitors and Stephen's excellent heating system. There were of course less than expected due to the weather but I enjoyed chatting with the brave. Thankyou for turning up. As on the day, prints are still available. I will put up a shop link to them over the next week. In the meantime if you remember a painting and would like a print, please email me from the link below.

       Merry Christmas to you all


December Heads Up

Poster for Exhibition on 13th December 2022
Hanslope, St James the Great church.

Hanslope, St James the Great, Church.

During the week that the Queen Lies in State

I thought this landscape had a certain Majesty

Decided to keep Painting of the Month

and add an image each Month

Grand Union Canal Walk MK

Grand Union Canal Walk Milton Keynes

Acrylic study 2 hours

en plein air

June 2022

MDF Board

Ch, Ch, Ch, Churches

Man! Them churches are taxing..... I sat and painted this En Plein Air or 'Freezing my arse off' on a bright, still, brisk, January morning. 

It was one of the first in the collection of MK Postcode (selected) paintings. The idea being to get together 50ish and then publish a coffee table book. Parish Churches have a hard time raising cash to fund 'up keep' and 'projects'. I thought that an Exhibition of these and the book could help both parties. Instead of a book  signing day in BookStones it would be several days in different churches. Nice atmos. Anyway I will announce the dates when they look like happening.