"I create every day. I feel as if I have lost time, if I don't."

Mark Edgar Thomas Robinson

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Up till now my work has been figuratively based...

I am influenced by romantic fine art landscapes but if you look closely at my work you will see almost abstractly grouped brush strokes. At veiwing distance the marks converge to create considered landscapes. I dont mind admitting, since my Art History classes at Art College I have been influenced by Mid to Late 19th Century Painters from the UK and France, especially Paul Cezanne. I'm planning a trip to Provence this year.  

I am very aware of the scientific facts  at play  that create our 'perception' & I feel I am increasingly interested in the complex cunumdrums of light and form. In my early student years I didnt have a clue about these facts and it just shows we are continually learning but dont get serious until later in life.  Our imaginations however are seriously dampened by age. If only one could combine the two. So, we  speciaise....

I love the Countryside and find it continually challenging when capturing it's beauty. I have lived and sketched  in many cities, all over the World and have found nothing more beautiful than the UK countryside. This is my studio for the present. My studio work is spent creating golf swing portraits and portraits genrally.

Nowadays I work in a more regemented way. Firstly, I observe & design the prospective subject in my head, making several studies. I then source materials needed for the main painting's creation. When satisfied, I get my head down & get on with it. Sinple process really. In the end painting is about the artist's slant on a subjet. I find I think of nothing else but the application of paint and eack stroke in relation to the  whole feel for the painting . It then builds and takes on a life of it's own as a complete the statement.Then it,s  down to others to review and comment on the results. My involvement is over. The painting flys the nest and takes on a new life for a different person. 


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Just started this page and collecting media to display. Pleases return in a couple of weeks.